Spatial bioanalysis and biology are solutions to quantify drug exposure and biomarkers of efficacy at the site of action that will help optimize strategic decisions. Adopting spatial bioanalysis and biology into your strategy early on with Aliri and our 15 years’ expertise in spatial bioanalysis (and 50 patented innovations) helps you save time, optimize dose effect, and measure with higher accuracy the efficacy of your therapies from drug discovery to drug development.

Aliri’s proprietary drug imaging workflows will enable you to study the distribution of drugs and biomarkers simultaneously at the site of action.

This enables us to:


Gain access to unique data and interpretation of drug efficacy for strategic decision making


Understand distribution and quantification of drugs at the site of action


Study the whole-body distribution of your drug and related metabolites in animal models without any labeling


Select the right dose, mode of administration and/or formulation to expose your organ or target of interest


Confirm the target exposure directly in the tissue microenvironment of isolated organsor biopsies (preclinical and clinical studies)


Identify the molecular component of lesions observed in toxicity studies


Simultaneously localize and quantify of thousands of markers with your drug in the tissue microenvironment


Drug Development Studies using Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Our team is the leader in spatial bioanalysis with innovative technologies and proprietary software and methods. Both small and large pharma companies have been using our imaging technologies for more than a decade to detect elements, small drugs and markers directly on tissue sections.

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CategoryMatrix assisted laser desorption ionization technique (MALDI) imagingLaser ablation inductively coupled plasma (LA-ICP) imagingImaging Mass Cytometry Hyperion
OverviewDetect intact molecules amino acids, metabolites, small drugs from frozen of FFPE tissuesDetects endogenous elements from tissue section from frozen of FFPE tissues.Detects protein therapeutics using metal tagged antibodies from any type of tissues (Frozen of FFPE)
Throughput Samples / DayUp to 50Up to 50Up to 50
Molecule TypeSmall molecules, peptides, lipids, metabolitesVarious elements such as gadolinium, platinum, lithium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, silverBiologics such as ADC, Ab fragments, bi-specific antibody, monoclonal antibody
Mass Accuracy<1 ppmUnit mass resoultionUnit mass resolution
Sample PrepCryostat, Microtome, Histological AutoStainerCryostat, Microtome, Histological AutoStainer,
Ventana Discovery Ultra
Cryostat, Microtome, Histological AutoStainer, Ventana Discovery Ultra
QuantificationAbsolute quantificationAbsolute quantificationAbsolute quantification

Is this molecule getting to the target cells?

How quickly is it getting to the target cell in tissue?

What is the mechanism of action of the targeted cells and its microenvironment?

Is my drug or metabolites the cause of the lesions observed during the toxicity studies?

Is the drug reaching the targeted cell activate the right pathway?

These techniques are a strong combination due to the ability to multiplex large quantities of targets, molecules, single cell resolution, and quantification.

Leveraging imaging early in your discovery process will help you with the evaluation and selection of your drug candidate by helping to answer your questions.

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