The foundation of bioanalytical research lies in the analysis of proteins, offering intricate insights of life at the molecular level. By deconstructing the aspects of protein structures, functions, and expressions, we unlock invaluable insights of disease mechanisms, drug responses, and cellular processes.  

Aliri’s expertise in mass spectrometry generates precise data, guiding us toward pivotal discoveries in diagnostics, therapies, and individualized treatments. View our on-demand webinar where industry experts Shane Karnik, Senior Laboratory Director, Edward Brewer, Senior Director of R&D, and Matthew Hartle, Analytical Chemist, cover:  

  • The current state of the industry and how Aliri is adapting digital tools to explore proteins. 
  • Various approaches to streamline workflows related to protein analysis. 
  • Methodologies that aid in differentiating protein species. 
  • Guidance for Regulatory GLP and human-clinical support. 
  • Future trends and emerging techniques in the protein analysis space.
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