Coproporphyrin-I and Coproporphyrin-III


Aliri Bioanalysis presents a newly validated non-proprietary biomarker assay (NPA) for the quantitation of Coproporphyrin I and Coproporphyrin III in human plasma. This assay offers significant advancements in biomarker analysis, applicable across diagnostics, pharmaceutical research, and patient care.

By monitoring these biomarkers, particularly in early clinical development, companies can assess OATP1B1 inhibition, potentially avoiding the need for dedicated clinical drug-drug interaction studies, saving both time and money.

Learn more about the benefits of our NPA for Coproporphyrin I and Coproporphyrin III.

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LC/MS/MS VS. LC/HRMS: Identifying and quantifying oligonucleotides 


LC/MS/MS and LC/HRMS are formidable instruments employed in mass spectrometry for the identification and quantification of Oligonucleotides (OGNTs). Utilizing these approaches, drug developers can obtain detailed insights into the composition and structure of molecules for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Considerations for choosing the right approach for your drug development project will depend on: 

  • What instrument you have 
  • Where you want to go 
  • How much information you want to collect in a single injection 

Discover which technique is best for you.

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Optimizing small molecule drug development strategies: A step by step approach to a rugged method

Creating a rugged method for the development of small molecule drugs is crucial in the quest for successful therapies. A systematic approach not only guarantees data consistency and reliability but also empowers you to make well-informed decisions, ultimately boosting project efficiency and success.

To help you navigate the complexities and uncertainties that come with advancing small molecules for drug development, we’ve outlined a robust strategy that includes 7 crucial steps.

Download our fact sheet to learn more.

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Bioanalytical services for animal health


Aliri has more than 18 years of experience providing state-of-the-art animal health regulatory bioanalytical services to support research and development initiatives. With a team of skilled scientists, advanced technologies, and regulatory expertise, we are committed to delivering accurate and reliable data to expedite project timelines and enhance animal health.

Aliri by the numbers: 

  • 45 animal health clients 
  • 300+ studies supported 
  • 70 compounds  
  • 100+ custom assays 
  • 150 biological fluids and tissues

Explore our assay experience, platforms, regulations and more:

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ATP detection by quantitative mass spec imaging (QMSI)


As leaders in the field of spatial bioanalysis, Aliri utilizes state-of-the-art imaging techniques to evaluate localization and distribution of molecules within tissue microenvironments. 


Our unique approach utilizing by quantitative mass spectrometry imaging (QMSI) for pathway detection allows us to:

  • Stabilize the ATP pathway with an inhibitor cocktail
  • Normalize the signal intensities from the raw data sets 
  • Perform the absolute quantification of the ATP
  • Calculate the relative quantification of the ADP and AMP  

Learn how we can help you leverage ATP pathway detection with QMSI

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Site overview fact sheet

As a frontrunner in the field of bioanalysis and spatial bioanalysis, we understand the importance of precision in delivering reliable data for our clients, and we take pride in the knowledge and capabilities of our teams.

With each site presenting unique offerings, instrumentation, and compound classes, we guarantee:

  • Drug and lead optimization
  • Target engagement
  • PD efficacy
  • Patient stratification


Explore our expertise, capabilities and specialized services that distinguish us from the rest.

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Drug discovery and bioanalysis solutions

Due to limited time, funds, and resources within discovery, it can be challenging to strike the right balance of speed, cost, and quality. Drug discovery quick turnarounds are imperative to keep your program on track.

Our specialized discovery team provides support for small molecules, peptides & proteins, and oligonucleotides. Our ability to provide technical expertise and quick turnaround will instill confidence and enable you to move onto the next phase in your program with ease.

Trusting us with your discovery project grants you access to:

  • 48-hour data delivery
  • Data in the format that meets your needs
  • Identification for molecule advancement
  • Access to expert scientists
  • Flexibility to change or accelerate timelines

Download our comprehensive guide to learn how our quick turnarounds for lead optimization can expedite your process
from discovery to clinical.

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Aliri – Industry-leading Services

Choosing a bioanalytical CRO to assist you with bringing your drug to market is critical to the success of your project. Aliri Bioanalysis provides a wide range of bioanalysis , spatial bioanalysis, and spatial biology solutions to support the lifecycle of your drug.

Work with us to utilize our team of experience scientists and industry experts to advance your molecule from discovery through clinical:

  • Achieve quality data for filing your IND, NDA and CTA with speed
  • Forecast technical issues or potential roadblocks that may cause delays
  • Maximize the growth of your drug discovery and development investments

Check out how our advanced technologies can advance your molecule and bring your drug to market with ease.

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Guidelines: Importing & Exporting Biological Samples

The United States government has a heavily regulated process for importing and exporting biological samples, and for good reason. These protocols are designed to prevent the transportation of exotic diseases and to inhibit the supply to illegal markets.

While understanding the reasons for the high regulation, it can still be extremely complicated to navigate the different governing bodies and acquire the correct applications or permits. Failure to follow the process also has dire consequences: samples can get held at customs, there may be fines involved, and your estimated drug development timeline just got much longer.

We know how frustrating delays in your development process are. Our comprehensive guide gives you the information you need to be confident that your samples will not be compromised, and your timeline will not be delayed. Download our comprehensive guide to learn how to properly import and export biological samples to avoid potential issues and stay on track.

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Build a bioanalytical strategy that will ensure speed and agility

In order to build a robust bioanalytical strategy for your drug discovery program, it’s crucial to collaborate with a partner who possesses both industry expertise and a track record of operational success.

Aliri by the numbers:

  • 48-hour turnarounds in discover
  • 150 biological fluids & tissues
  • 1 million samples analyzed

Our team of seasoned scientists, industry experts, program managers, and quality specialists can help you develop a successful bioanalytical strategy that will maximize the growth of your drug discovery investments. Work with us to gain access to a robust suite of mass spectrometry platforms, achieve quality data to quickly file your IND, NDA and CTA, and forecast potential roadblocks that may cause delays in your project’s timeline.

Download our factsheet to explore our offerings, platforms, compounds, regulations and more.

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