LBA vs LC-MS: competing technologies at a development crossroad

The first music video played when MTV first launched was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles, which ushered in a new era in the music industry with one technology platform rapidly overtaking another.

Similarly, the Aliri Bioanalysis team is hosting this webinar to discuss why so many sponsors are now reconsidering the use of Ligand-Binding Assays (LBA) for the vast majority of large molecule protein analysis given the many compelling benefits Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) can provide in terms of speed, cost, and data specificity.

Join bioanalytical experts Shane Karnik, MS, and Matt Hartle, PhD, to learn more about the changing market landscape, considerations for each technology, and when it makes sense to consider LC-MS over LBA for your next large molecule program.

This webinar will also explore:
• advancements in biomarker discovery, validation and quantification using LC-MS technologies, and
• complexities of analyzing transgenic expressed proteins, focusing on the differences between human and endogenous proteins, with a special emphasis on mRNA drugs.
Join our scientific rock stars to learn more!

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On-demand webinar: Importing and exporting biological samples

Importing and exporting biological samples to and from a US bioanalytical lab requires the US government’s oversight to prevent the transportation of exotic diseases and the supplying of illegal markets. Pharma companies and bioanalytical partners must proactively work together to secure the correct import or export licenses or permits prior to shipment to ensure international samples arrive intact and on time. In this webcast, learn more about how the process is navigated to help you successfully plan your study’s timeline and avoid compromising your samples in transit.

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On-demand webinar: Visualize immune cells abundance in tumors to determine therapeutic efficacy

The significance of spatial immune signatures lies in the determination of immune cell types, activation status, spatial distribution, and intricate interactions within tissues. These unique signatures play a pivotal role in various fields, particularly cancer, immunology, and autoimmune diseases, where the effectiveness of treatments is intricately linked to the immune response within tissues. By incorporating spatial immune signatures into phase II trials, early insights into treatment responses can be gained, offering a reflection of clinical outcomes. This approach expedites decision-making regarding drug candidate progression in later phases of clinical development, ultimately saving valuable time and resources for your program.

Watch this on-demand presentation led by industry expert Corinne Ramos, Director of R&D, Aliri Bioanalysis, as we unveil our clinical trial findings alongside the innovative technologies and state-of-the-art computational tools that have revolutionized our capacity to observe and decipher spatial immune signatures.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand the significance of spatial immune signatures in assessing early treatment efficacy.
  • Explore our patient-centric approach, which includes baseline profiling and ongoing monitoring.
  • Gain insights into leveraging these techniques for drug development.
  • Discover how this approach can save your program valuable time and resources.

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Exploring Protein Analysis: Techniques and Applications in Bioanalysis

The foundation of bioanalytical research lies in the analysis of proteins, offering intricate insights of life at the molecular level. By deconstructing the aspects of protein structures, functions, and expressions, we unlock invaluable insights of disease mechanisms, drug responses, and cellular processes.  

Aliri’s expertise in mass spectrometry generates precise data, guiding us toward pivotal discoveries in diagnostics, therapies, and individualized treatments. View our on-demand webinar where industry experts Shane Karnik, Senior Laboratory Director, Edward Brewer, Senior Director of R&D, and Matthew Hartle, Analytical Chemist, cover:  

  • The current state of the industry and how Aliri is adapting digital tools to explore proteins. 
  • Various approaches to streamline workflows related to protein analysis. 
  • Methodologies that aid in differentiating protein species. 
  • Guidance for Regulatory GLP and human-clinical support. 
  • Future trends and emerging techniques in the protein analysis space.

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A bioanalytical discovery strategy for fast and flexible decision making

When navigating drug discovery, it is critical to strategically balance project timelines and investments, and to select a reliable bioanalysis partner who is fully dedicated to the success of your program. Our ability to provide technical expertise and quick turnarounds will enable you to select your drug candidate and move on to the next phase of your project with ease and efficiency.

View our on-demand webinar where industry experts Edward Brewer, Senior Director of R&D, Mass Spectrometry and Systems Validation, and Ryan Adler, Manager of Laboratory Operations, cover: 

  • Advancements in Bioanalysis and strategic techniques used to quantify drug compounds during the discovery process.  
  • How our streamlined workflows enable fast and flexible decision-making and keep lead times down to 6-8 weeks.   
  • Navigating challenges faced during the discovery phase and exploring strategies to overcome these potential obstacles.   
  • How we advance molecules with ease and precision from Discovery to GLP.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing Your Small Molecule Drug Development Strategy 

Given that small molecules make up more than 50% of the drug development pipeline, adopting a proactive non-clinical to clinical strategy is crucial for accelerating your program.

A holistic bioanalysis strategy that incorporates spatial analysis allows researchers to produce quality data, identify drug targets, evaluate efficacy, and optimize delivery. Join industry experts Troy Voelker and Corinne Ramos as they cover a step-by-step approach to a rugged method, including:

  • Strategies moving from pre-clinical to clinical
  • Spatial bioanalysis and moving into GLP
  • Molecule stability and reproducibility
  • Handling matrices and compounds
  • Different instrumentation and uses
  • Cold storage check list
  • Ongoing use of ICH M-10

View our on-demand webinar to learn how to implement a comprehensive strategy that expedites the development of your small molecule.

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Oligonucleotides: A Bioanalytical CRO’s Perspective on Current and Future State

Since the first oligonucleotide (OGNT) drug was approved by the FDA for clinical use in 1998, the industry has made significant progress in the advancement of techniques, technology, and development methods. However, due to the complexity and sensitivity of OGNTs, there are still challenges to navigate and overcome within drug development and bioanalytical analysis.

Join oligonucleotide bioanalysis SME Troy Voelker, Director of Laboratory Operations at Aliri, as he discusses:

  • Current and future state of the bioanalysis of OGNTs
  • Common approaches to bioanalysis of OGNTs
  • Evaluating and selecting the optimal and strategic approach

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