Advance your life-saving molecule from non-clinical to clinical with speed and agility

With patients’ lives on the line, you cannot afford any mistakes within your drug development program. That’s why finding the right bioanalytical lab to get you accurate and timely data will help you successfully file your IND with speed and confidence. We are committed to ensuring that your drug program is scientifically and regulatory compliant across all phases.

Aliri offers leading science, rapid response, and regulatory leadership.

Navigating a robust regulatory environment, advancing your development program with speed, and accessing a breadth of technical expertise are all critical factors to the success of your program. Aliri provides a range of bioanalytical lab, spatial bioanalysis, and spatial biology solutions to support the bioanalytical lifecycle of your drug. By selecting us as your partner, you gain access to a full range of bioanalytical services that is backed by a network of seasoned scientists, program managers, and technical experts.

Our proficiency with more than 1,500 drugs and metabolites and more than 150 types of biological specimens assures expertise on all types of programs, such as small and large molecules and gene therapies.

Aliri provides a range of bioanalytical lab and bioanalysis imaging solutions.

Our wide selection of non-proprietary assays (NPAs) will help advance your molecule and drug development strategy with ease. Explore our comprehensive list of NPAs currently available.

Areas of expertise:


Discovery PK/ bioavailability: RAPID turnaround




GLP pre-clinical and non-clinical studies: IND-enabling studies


Clinical studies performed under GCP


Post marketing surveillance


Veterinary medicine drug development: FDA CVM


Biomarkers: fit for purpose – non- GLP and GLP


Drugs & Metabolites Experiences


FDA Audits


Samples Analyzed

Bioanalytical Equipment

SCIEX Triple Quad System (n=31)

  • 7 SCIEX 6500+
  • 5 SCIEX 6500
  • 15 SCIEX API 5000
  • 2 SCIEX 4500
  • 2 SCIEX API 4000

High Resolution (n=10)

  • 1 SCIEX ZenoTOF 7600
  • 5 Thermo Q Exactive Plus
  • 3 Thermo Q Exactive

Fluorescence Detectors (n=10)

  • Shimadzu System RF-20Axs

EvoSep One System

High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRMS)

We take bioanalysis to the next level with our HRMS services and solutions. With a commitment to deeper understanding, our state-of-the-art HRMS instrumentation allows us to provide you with unparalleled accuracy and sensitivity in analyzing complex biological samples or drug modalities. Whether identifying biomarkers, quantitating oligonucleotides or biologics,  or exploring the spatial distribution of molecules, our HRMS capabilities empower you to uncover critical insights that drive advancements in drug development, biomarker discovery, and spatial biology.

Sciex and Aliri partner to bring life-changing drugs to market

At Aliri, our work elevates the quality and depth of data, and goes far beyond the laboratory walls; it touches lives, drives innovation, and brings life-changing drugs to market. Our team works diligently to shape a brighter future for healthcare through drug development. Witness how our work continues to make a tremendous impact on the medical landscape:

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