Quick turnarounds for lead optimization

When navigating drug discovery, it is critical to strategically balance project timelines and investments. No matter the size of your team, resources, or molecule, you need a strong bioanalytical partner that is responsive and equally committed to the success of your project.

Our ability to provide technical expertise and quick turnaround will enable you to select your drug candidate and move on to the next phase with ease and efficiency. We understand how responsive and proactive communication, program management, and rapid turnaround can impact lead optimization for your drug development strategy.

Trusting your discovery project at Aliri grants you access to:

  • 48-hour data delivery for discovery studies*
  • Data in the format that is consistent with your processes
  • Identification of options and opportunities for molecule advancement
  • Access to scientists that have worked with simple and complex matrices
  • Flexibility to changing or accelerated timelines

*Only applicable for bioanalysis discovery data; not applicable to spatial bioanalysis. Some additional restrictions may apply such as long run times, tissue processing, etc.

Access to a robust network of technical expertise and resources

You may be questioning how we are the industry leader in meeting 48-hour turnaround commitments without sacrificing quality of work. Our flexibility to adjust quickly and leverage our team of experienced scientists allows for rapid turnaround, while also providing a meticulously planned approach to analyze your samples.


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Data Delivery for Discovery Projects

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