Discover the intricacies of molecular landscapes through quantitative mass spectrometry imaging (QMSI)


Aliri’s proprietary imaging workflows will help you understand localization, quantification, and distribution of drugs at the site of action.  

Studying drug efficacy at the site of action gives us valuable and unique insights into:

  • Drug bioavailability   
  • Drug biodistribution  
  • Targeted tissue exposure   
  • On-tissue PK/PD  
  • Monitoring the drug effects through readout biomarkers (metabolites, lipids, genes expression, proteins)  

Our QMSI spatial platform uses data analysis to conduct molecular distributions, and artificial intelligence to find patterns and make predictions. This advanced imaging technique allows you to visualize the molecule within tissues, and evaluate how prevalent the drug is within the histological region of interest.

Our high expertise in this area sets us apart from other CROs in pharma/bio industries and positions us as a leader in spatial bioanalysis and biology services.

Check out our infographic to learn more about our unique imaging platforms.

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